Boring Machine, Double Line Pneumatic, 46 Spindle
This machine is top of the line from the ground up.  It has advanced line boring
machines to a new level.  You need to personally experience the quality.
Adjustable Rotating Control Panel
Made in
2 Air Index Pins
Toola's DL23 Vertical Depth
Control System brings control of
the bore depth to the front of the
machine.A stacked set of knobs
and depth indicators enable the
operator to adjust both heads
separately without subjecting the
operator to the hazards of
accessing the vertical drive
cylinder under the machine, as
required by other manufacturers.
The indicator provides a straight
line,1 to 1 reference to the bore
Toola's DL23 Articulating
Control Panel allows the
operator to relocate the controls
to the optimum position for each
job.No mater what position you
are feeding the machine from the
controls are directly accessible.
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Boring Machine, Double Line Pneumatic,
46 Spindle:  Toola - DL23

Number of drilling spindles        2x 23

Center distance between spindles        32mm

Min-Max distance between two drill heads  5"-27"

Maximum depth of drill        3"

Collet Bore Diameter        10mm

Spindle Rotation        3400 rpm

Motor power        2x  2 hp - 3 phase

Supply Voltage        220/60 hz

Air pressure required        0.6 mpa

Fence Length        120"

Number of stops        4

Number of index pins        2

Machine dimensions (L, W, H)        43" x 43" x 61"

Machine Weight        1300 lbs
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