Boring Machine, Single Line, Pneumatic, 13 Spindle
Straight forward results.
Position Board    -    Step on Petal    -   13 Holes Drilled
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Adjustable Horizontal Head
Toola's Horizontal head movement
significantly reduces setup time, and the
fence does not need to be squared between
jobs .Most of the other single line boring
machines require squaring of the fence
prior to each job.

All of the Toola models incorporate
Toola's On Demand Power Up Featuere,
which is a energy efficient micro switch
system that automatically turns on the
spindle drives when the operator
sequences the machine .A red power
indicator light is illuminated informing the
operator when the machine is powered up,
at which time the machine can be cycled
.Power is supplied to the motors, the
spindles rotate,and the holes are drilled.
This feature significantly reduces machine
wear during non-productive periods of
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Boring Machine, Single Line, Pneumatic, 13 Spindle:  
Toola - PSL13

Number of drilling spindles        13

Center distance between spindles        32mm

Maximum depth of drill        2 1/2"

Collet Bore Diameter        10mm

Spindle Rotation        3400 rpm

Motor Power        1 hp - 1 phase

Supply Voltage        115/60 hz

Fence Length        72"

Number of stops        4

Number of index pins        2

Machine dimensions (L, W, H)        50" x 35" x 56"

Machine Weight        240 lbs
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